Housing Market in the winter

What does winter mean for the real estate market? Some only think of less inventory, buyers holding off until spring, or people being too busy during the holidays to even think of moving. And the interest rates, ugh! There is of course some truth to that, sure. But is that all there is to it?

If you're considering buying or selling, only YOU can decide when is a great time for YOU. Don’t let the seasons, holidays, rates or inventory determine your timeline. There are still buyers out there who want homes, and if they continue their search through the winter, that shows some serious intent to buy! Yes, multiple competing offers are ideal, but it only takes one qualified buyer to sell your home. What if they are out there house hunting now? They won't see your listing if it's not on the market.
And for the buyers out there... sure, inventory may be even lower during the blustery winter, but why stop looking? What if your dream home hits the market? With many other buyers sitting on the sidelines until spring, you may have less competition with an offer now. And sure, rates are higher right now, but they may be dropping this week. We don't know. But all we do know for sure is they WILL change by spring, for better or worse.  

Bottom line: if you need to sell, or want to buy, get in touch with an agent and talk out your options and timeline. Things may slow down over the winter, but the market doesn’t get put on hold, so neither should your home goals!  

Happy Holidays from your Briggs Realty Group family!

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